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Personal, involved maternity care for every family

Hello! I'm Desiree Bobby. My passion for maternity care is deeply rooted in my family. Since childhood, my grandmother, who dedicated 40 years to maternity care, filled my life with wonderful stories and valuable insights. You can only imagine her pride when I followed in her footsteps. Today, at the age of 38, I continue to find joy in my commitment to this beautiful career. During the postnatal week, I'm here to ensure the well-being of both you and your baby. This means not only providing medical care and education but also focusing on nutrition, physical activity to aid recovery, and mental serenity. When body, mind, and soul are in harmony, healing is accelerated. The principles of rest, cleanliness, and routine are essential. My goal is to empower you with fresh insights and to instill confidence into you and your parenting journey.

Complete Care

I work with the LIP. My care is reimbursed by insurance, with the exception of a small personal contribution.

Familiar face

Stable care, without staff turnover. This ensures trust and personalized care.

Extra care

I offer the option to obtain additional hours of postnatal care when you need extra support. This allows me to go the extra mile.

Personalized care

with every step

Fill out a registration form and I will contact you.

What people say.

Merel Westrik

"We'd give everyone a Bobby during the postnatal week if we could. She is smart, decisive, experienced, sweet and she has the gift of making you laugh, sometimes through tears. Our Billie is now almost 3 months old and we still regularly shout: " If only we still had Bobby around..."

Julia Michael

"Bobby's expert guidance in preparing for our second child gave us a fantastic start. It made a world of difference during the first weeks of parenthood. Bobby allowed us to be much more relaxed, which had a positive impact on our whole family. We recommend you to everyone! Thanks, Bobby!”

Sabine van der Vaart

"Bobby is an incredibly skilled maternity nurse who has been so incredibly kind to our daughter and to us.
She gave us a lot of good and detailed information and advice and gave us a confidence boost!"

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